Careful of Skin Spackle


Spackling a crack on the wall or ceiling is fine for your home, but trying to hide fine lines with thick cosmetics is not going to enhance your look.       

Heavy foundations and powders can cause the pores to look larger and accentuate wrinkles and fine lines. These cosmetics collect in the crevices and have a very cakey look.   

Before you even get to applying your foundation, start with skin care.

Glycolic Acid

Regular use of glycolic acid lifts away dead skin cells, increase collage production and retexturize your skin.  Make it easy on yourself and swipe your face with a glycolic pad daily. 


Peels will keep dead skin cells from collecting on your skin’s surface and enable your moisturizers to work for you.   After just a couple of peels you will have the ideal palette for applying makeup at any age. Then when you apply cosmetics, they will just glide on smoothly. 

Daily Maintenance

A consistent skin care regime is important - especially at night.  Remove your make up with a surfactant-free cleansers that is  designed for sensitive skin.  Follow up with serious treatment serum and then an intense moisturizer.

Use Primers

Siicone based primers can help smooth out your complexion. Before your cosmetics, apply a moisturizer and then a dab of primer to even your skin surface.

Use Pro Tools

Brushes and sponges can help evenly distribute the foundation on your face. Use slightly damp tools when blending makeup.

You might think you need more makeup as your skin matures, but this is not true. Approach this with a more is less philosophy and you will have the ideal palette for applying makeup at any age.