Internship 2024

Apply to become an integral part of our team.  We are looking for a summer intern to work with on social media, content creation and email marketing.

Ideal candidate should:

  • Have passion for the skincare business
  • Be a good communicator and quick learner
  • Enjoy creating content

Work 2 days in our Short Hills, NJ office. This is NOT REMOTE.

This internship experience is unpaid, but you can obtain college credit.     

Send Cover Letter & Resume:

In subject line write:  Intern Application 

Internship Program Dates:  June -  August

Read what other interns have said:

"This opportunity at Ellen Lange has exposed me to the skincare industry. I have valued the time working with a team and learning how to engage the consumer while thinking on my toes! This group of young women pushed me to think outside of the box and to continue learning about the industry and the consumer! "- Anna M.

"Working at Ellen Lange has opened my eyes to the beauty industry in ways I was not prepared for. The constant encouragement of using my own platform has pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me more confident than I have ever been before. I truly see a transformation in myself through this internship and I couldn’t be more grateful." - Jordyn G.

"The Ellen Lange internship gave me skills in social media and content creation alongside new friends from different universities. The internship also provided me with invaluable experience with the skincare industry." - Julia S.

"Interning at Ellen Lange provided hands-on experience in social media, ecommerce, and affiliate marketing, solidifying my decision to pursue marketing in beauty. I worked directly with Ellen, contributing to the growth of her channels, whether it be uploading a post to Facebook to blogger outreach/mailings to updating online store content -  it was a fulfilling opportunity and ultimately a great foundation to my career - 5 years later, I now oversee digital operations for 3 beauty brands." – Kristine I.

"My internship at Ellen Lange gave me career direction. I was exposed to so many aspects of the business. I learned things that I would have never learned at school. Working at an entrepreneurial company was very exciting. It was very creative and I felt like I made a contribution to the company.  I currently work in product development in the beauty business." - Nadeige S.

My internship with Ellen Lange provided great insight into the beauty business, with first hand experience in learning true skin care needs. I gained my best skin tip from Ellen - always moisturize your neck! I learned critical social media skills, primarily in Facebook and Instagram, that have helped me develop into the online editor I am today. I have been able to have a leg up on my coworkers and competitors in these aspects when they come to online advertising on  Facebook.”  – Ana S.