Salon Quality, Easy-To-Use, Great Value

The instructions are easy to use, and the results are amazing. For someone struggling with adult acne and hyperpigmentation, this is saving me $100s of dollars (thousands?) since I can now do peels at home instead of paying $75 a pop at my facialist. 

Kimberly B.


I have lots of acne with dark scars all over. I have used all acne products advertised on TV with no improvement. I used this peel just to have smooth skin. Amazingly, it turns out to be the best acne treatment. My scars are gradually lightening and my pimples are extremely less


Best Facial Peel On The Market!

I am very pleased with my skin's texture and glow. 
Even my dermatologist mentioned how good my skin looked at my last appointment. 

Debra H.

Defined Result!

With consistent use my post acne scarring has significantly diminished and the texture of my skin is better than ever. Being a women of color not many skin care products work as well on my skin. I highly recommend this Peel to anyone struggling to get rid of hyperpigmentation.


I Absolutely Love My Peel Kit!

I am a mom, group exercise instructor and also an actress. My skin is extremely sensitive and I'm always afraid to try new products. This peel kit is fantastic! My skin looks so smooth and feels silky after I use it. At my age I get a lot of dry flakes and that really bothers me. Especially if I know I have an audition. 

Laura S.

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