Ellen Lange

Ellen Lange has taken the skin peel from the plastic surgeon's office, to the spa and now to your home.

Like you, I did not see significant improvements by slathering expensive creams on my face. Dissatisfied by the lackluster performance of pricey creams on the market, I realized the need for a multi-step peel that would deliver professional results at home.

After doing hundreds of skin peels while working as a medical esthetician, alongside her father in his plastic surgery practice, Ellen created the prototype for the original at home peel kit. Ellen knew that if extremely busy people, like herself, could do professional treatments at home, they would see immediate and long-term results.

Ellen began working with a team of cosmetic chemists. But her "lab" wasn't some distant place where scientists hunched over test tubes, the real "testing" was taking place right there in her medi-spa, where, every day, her clients tried the products for themselves and gave their feedback.

Over the years, Ellen used that experience to develop high tech, high performance skin care. According to top magazines;

"Ellen Lange ...pioneered the home-peel trend when she debuted her own Retexturizing Peel in Sephora."
- VOGUE magazine

"Without realizing it, Lange has invented a revolutionary product that many in the industry say was the first at-home peel."
- W magazine

Retexturizing Peel was the #1 selling skin care product in Sephora for over 2 years and it has "sold out" on QVC. Although there have been many attempts to copy or knock-off Ellen’s the original peel kit, it still remains the most sought-after & effective skin peel on the market:

Ellen Lange has been bestowed ALLURE magazine Editors Choice Award and received ICMAD Entrepreneur of the Year (Independent. Cosmetic Manufacturers & Distributors).

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Ellen created the prototype for the first at home skin peel.


Ellen formulated with different exfoliant to maximize the results.


Ellen revolutionized the skin care industry with the launch of the first at home peel.