Peel Technology

5 Things You Need to Know About Our Retexturizing Peel Technology

  1. SubSurfacing technology is our proprietary delivery system designed to integrate ingredients into the layers of the skin, where they are most effective.
  2. SubSurfacing "03" accelerates the delivery of three pharmaceutical grade actives; Glycolic, Enzymes & Microbeads.
  3. SubSurfacing technology is produces maximum results and make sure the ingredients are not just layered on the skin.
  4. SubSurfacing technology gradually releases oxygen, transporting ingredients into the layers of skin, and causing a synergistic phenomenon between actives.
  5. SubSurfacing enhances glow, evens skin tone, improves texture, eliminates dryness, refines pores and helps control breakouts.

Retexturizing Peel is the only professional peel with SubSurfacing delivery.