A Pad A Day Keeps Skin Problems Away


Consistent DAILY long-term use of glycolic acid has repeatedly proven to revitalize skin, shrink pores, control breakouts, lighten dark spots, and reduce signs of aging.

The outer most layer of skin is the epidermis and it consists of dead cells that cause our skin to look dull, uneven and sometimes even yellowish.

These cells naturally slough-off and are replaced by new cell growth. But as we mature this cycle slows down and we start noticing roughs patches, fine lines, larger pores, acne and discoloration.

Glycolic increases this cell turnover rate. A daily dose of glycolic will keep this process moving at a swift and even pace. 

This is why the Ellen Lange Retexturizing Skin Peel kit also includes 60 PEEL ACCELERATOR PADS - enough for two months of daily use. 

No matter if you do your peels at-home peel or go to a salon or medi-spa, the daily application of glycolic is essential. Your entire skin exfoliation process will  benefit because the pads ACCELERATE the natural cell regeneration process.

Glycolic acid works within the layers of skin to eliminate dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum. It is naturally derived from sugar cane and because of it’s small size, it easily penetrates the epidermis. 

Skin, especially on the face, is exposed to harsh conditions every day. Think about of all of the layers of grime that are on your skin after a typical day: makeup, creams, sweat, oil, and more.

The daily use of glycolic not only enhances your weekly peels but it also preps the skin for your next RETEXTURIZING PEEL.