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Results like a spa with an very low price point. Great products.

Elizabeth 12/17/2013


Excellent product with immediate results.

Karen B.12/17/2013


I love the Retexturizing peel! It leaves my skin smoother, my pores smaller, yet doesn't leave my face red and blotchy and irritated. The only drawback is that there's too many pads sent with the kit. I have jars of them left over.

Jennifer M. 12/16/2013


Love this!!! Most excellent customer service and business practice. They refunded some of my shipping on their own and I didn't even realize they overcharged. Very honest~! would highly recommend!
Letty L 11/30/2013


Surprisingly good and easy to use. I have sensitive skin and it has not irritated me after two treatments and my skin definitely looks and feels very clean and bright.

Real A. 10/15/2013



I have been semi-hooked on this kit for about 10 years!  I discovered it in college when my acne was still pretty tough to manage, took a break for many years and then re-discovered the kit about 4 months ago when I started having random breakouts that I couldn't get under control. My skin is back to being pretty balanced and smooth, and I think if I could consistently use is as directed it would be totally clear of blemishes. 

Lindsay 9/11/2013


I just bought this, have used only 1x, but am convinced it's what my esthetician has been using on me - it's amazing, it works, my face looks so good after 1 use! I will be saving $ since no need for facials any more! My only concern is how ingredients last togethter - if one thing runs out before the other - we shall see.

- Jammer, San Francisco, CA on 02/28/2013


This [peel kit] is an excellent product = which is what I would expect of the Ellen Lange line. It is easy to use, gentle, and gives results that you could see immediately.

- Karen, New Jersey on 01/26/2013


Best stuff out there-no better at the Doctors office!

These are all amazing products -such a change in your skin- people will see it and compliment you -without you saying anything! been using this product since it was on QVC what? 1992? you WILL not go wrong!

- AuntKittie, Wisconsin on 11/01/2012


I have used this peel kit for about 7 years. I use it once a week and have never had a problem because it is so easy to use. As advertised, your best bet is before an event as this product leaves your skin glowing and radiant.

- Lisa, Los Angeles, California on 07/19/2012


Great peel, gentle but effective. I use this product at night after I cleanse and it really helps keep my skin exfoliated in addition to other exfoliating products I also use, such as the retinol serum from Ellen Lange as well. I recommend this product for anyone who complains about clogged pores or mild acne. It really helps keep the skin clean and fresh feeling. Remember to follow with a good moisturizer.

- EL Jackson, Texas on 07/19/2012


My skin texture is so smooth & pores are much smaller. For so long I have been using many other products without solving my skin problem. Searching on the internet I found Ellen Lange products. The website gave me the confidence to order immediately. The peel helped balance my combination skin. I am in my 30s. I have dry skin, but still get oily patches. I have been using the peel kit for about 1 month and my skin looks better than every - smoother, clear & younger.

- Marcella on 06/08/2012


Instant results, helps control acne, smoother skin, scarring diminished.

I have been using the Retexturizing Peel Kit for over a year now. I wish that I could post before and after pictures because the change in my skin was so drastic! I suffered with acne prone skin with a lot of acne scarring (due to a lack of skin care regimen when I was in high school). I use the peel once a week, usually on Sunday nights so I can be glowing for the rest of the week. I also do it before special events. My breakouts are controlled, the texture of my skin is smoother, and I even notice my scarring disappearing. I used to wear heavy foundation to conceal my imperfections, but I find my old foundation to be too heavy now since I don't need as much coverage. I feel more confident walking out of my house without any makeup on. All thanks to this peel kit! Tend to run out of the solution faster than the rest of the kit.

- Marie, New Jersey on 05/16/2012


Quick results, Effective, but stinging sensation

Normally, I refuse to buy most skin care products from major retailers because Im not able to see truly noticeable results. However, this product [glycolic pads] is absolutely fantastic. As a person who suffers from mild-moderate acne, these pads have made a world of difference. They noticeably smooth the texture of the skin, minimize pore size/appearance, correct hyperpigmentation, reduce redness, reduce breakouts, reduce overall oil, and give your skin a glow. I swear they are the best product Ive ever used on my face. You will not be disappointed. Burning, stinging can be issues, but if you avoid overuse, excessive sun exposure, irritants, etc. I doubt you will find any other drawbacks.

- Jeronimo, Milwaukee, Winsconsin 05/03/2012


No downtime!

I have had cystic acne for almost 20 years. I have done two rounds of Accutane and tried not only 100+ prescription medicines from my dermatologists, but spent $1000s on prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, and spa treatments to try and alleviate acne and help with all the scarring having it for so long. I tried Ellen Lange several years ago and had great success with the peel. Not only, did it help with existing acne, but seemed to help curtail the PMS cysts that always come no matter what I do. It also seemed to help to start repairing scars and finally my face looked much better. Our family has been hit by the recession and any type of "luxury" item has gone to the back burner. I have splurged a few times and bought the peel, but due to medications and washes my dermatologists want me to use, I don't use the "extra" items that come in a kit. Have to buy all three products every time. I would LOVE if you would just offer the peel itself...it could definitely become an affordable part of my routine and I know my skin would improve! Thank you, Amy Alcorn

- Amy, Phoenix, AZ 03/24/2012


ELLEN!As a nurse and not one to use anything but cream and water on my face, I used your product [peel kit] with some reservations and must say I am HOOKED! I was amazed with the results. Smooth skin, cool and refreshing. The best is taking the time for me once a week for a facial that is beter than I have ever spent time and money for at a salon. I look forward to my weekly treatment and hope this product just keeps on going!! Thank you!!"

- Diann B, Pittsburgh, PA


"I have professional peels every two to three weeks on my skin. Only taking a break periodically from peels. I am 52. This works as well as the Dermatologist Blue Peel and is much easier on my dry sensitive skin. Not to mention the savings! I found this product via search engine and it sold for $85. I am glad to have it here a a fraction of the cost for wonderful results! Those deep eye lines are fading!

- Sherry, Washington


"I started using Ellen Lange in 1992. My skin was always great but I used the foaming mask and the cleanser and the moisturizer thinking I was going to bed instead a friend wanted me to meet them down town - as I was sitting there one male friend said to me "your skin looks beautiful!" the other male friend had been up ordering for us,when he came back and sat down he said "honey,your skin looks just beautiful so soft !" I didn't have any makeup on except some mascara I had quickly put on.These were men-I have never heard them talk about a woman's face before.I used to buy this off of QVC but in a couple of years they did not sell it anymore, so I quit using it. A couple months ago, after my son gave me a laptop and set it up for me - I decided I would look for the products from Ellen Lange - I had kept 3 bottles from years prior(of course they were empty). I was so excited when I found I could get them again.I ordered and in less than a week my products from Ellen Lange were here.I used them immediately and after saw my twin brother for lunch. He mentioned that I was looking better and also"you are not wearing makeup are you?" I told him no but I had just gotten these great face products I had used years before.I was suprised that my brother had mentioned my face. Since then I feel as I am back again,there are no products out there like Ellen Lange's.It feels like I have just been to have my face done at the doctors office.Anyone can benefit from her products.They are a miracle ,I sure get noticed again,how wonderful again!Keep making these wonderful products Ellen Lange and I will keep purchasing them.Thank you so much.Oh, they do not cost you an arm and a leg,so reasonable,thank you for that also."

- Julie E


Ellen Lange’s Express Retexturizing Peel Kit is fantastic! Whenever I use it my face feels so refreshed and my skin is super smooth. Its like a new layer of skin has been brought to the surface. I even notice fine lines go away. I gave a couple of my friend’s facials with Ellen’s Peel kit and now they are all hooked on the peel kit. Thank you Ellen, your products really work!"

- Trish G, New Jersey

Student on a Budget

I am a student on a budget and I consider myself a product junkie! I love to try out new products and I can't always afford to try everything out there, so I always do my research before purchasing an item. Someone recommended the Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel Kit to me so I decided to research reviews online and read about the amazing results everyone was receiving from using the peel. I purchased the product and considering I have dry, sensitive skin I first tested the peel on my hand to test how strong it was. I used it on my face and it felt so smooth and it seemed to have a brightening effect on my face. It isn't irritating at all but I definetely notice a difference after each use! I actually like to use the peel kit on Sundays when I'm just relaxing and watching TV. Already recommended this to all my girl friends!"

- Christine P., New Jersey


Though this product (peel kit) was great. Gave more dramatic results than anything I have ever tried. Have used 3 times and the surface of my skin is much more even and pores appear smaller!"

- Nikki, Washington


I have tried a few others with so so results. I thought maybe it was because I exfoliate already. Not so! This set makes my face INCREDIBLY soft, like a baby’s skin! The 1st step is the grains which is a great consistency. The 2nd step are the pads which are out of this world. Your face tingles and feels soooo refreshing! I had to close my eyes, but OMG! In the last step, again that TINGLY FRESHNESS! So it feels awesome on and after! Highly recommend!"

- Linda, Connecticut


I have very sensitive skin and there was no redness whatsoever. This peel makes my skin look like I just got back from a tropical vacation: my pores look smaller, my skin is unbelievably soft and smooth and the color looks alive and healthy! It actually worked BETTER than the peel I got at the dermatologist! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this peel. I will definitely be back for more."

- Rachel, California


I just purchased 4 of these (peel kits) because I do not want to run out. It truly resurfaces your skin and leaves it glowing. The more you use it the better you look! I use it every weekend and just love the results!"

I’ve had professional chemical peels done and the Ellen Lange Medi-Spa Retexturizing Peel is the closest at-home version I’ve ever used. The results were amazing! My face looked and felt flawless. I love this product!"

- L T, Hawaii


I have combination skin and constantly have problems with blackheads on my nose and chin despite faithfully using other "excellent skin care lines" peels, cleansers, and skin care products created for unclogging pores. After one Ellen Lange peel, I was blown away that there were no blackheads detectable on my nose or chin and my face felt smooth, yet was not irritated. My pores looked tiny and my skin looked radiant. This kit is well worth the money."

- A R, New Jersey

- Rosalia, New Jersey on 06/10/2012


- Rosalia, New Jersey on 06/10/2012