Skin Peels Will Get You Halloween Clean

 Whether you’ve rocked your Halloween makeup like a superstar, you glammed it up for a special event, or even feel like your daily cosmetics are accumulating, skin peels are an excellent recovery treatment!

You’ve had a blast with your makeup—costume-ing and partying, and you looked absolutely fabulous the whole time, if you do say so yourself. But then what?

Full coverage foundations, costume makeup, and heavily pigmented cosmetics are designed for aesthetics, not skin care, and many contain oils and other ingredients that can cause breakouts or irritation to your skin, not to mention being difficult to fully remove. 

Of course, you would never dream of going to bed with your makeup on—that’s like the first rule of cosmetics—but scrubbing your skin raw to get the last remnants of makeup is not the right move either. Obviously, wipes or cleansers are necessary for removing the bulk of your makeup, but what about that microscopic accumulation that you can't always see in the pores?

Using a facial scrub and the ultra-trendy my micellar water (tiny balls of cleansing oil called micelles that are suspended in soft water) won't do the trick either.

The ideal skin recovery treatment after a heavy makeup event is a skin peel.  An at-home peel will help your skin normalize.  A skin peel is a deep exfoliation it will cause the top layers of skin to slough off. 

Peels exfoliate the top layer of skin, cleaning up dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria, and yes, leftover makeup and oils, which can cause acne and blackheads.  

This can even help with existing acne and clogged pores. Once your pores are thoroughly cleansed, life-giving oxygen is free to flow back into your skin, making it radiant and healthy.

Before running off to the dermatologist or buy products that can over dry your skin, we recommend you taking control with a skin peel. 

The Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel is a complete kit that will enable you to do a full skin care treatment at home. 

The results will be lasting and you will probably get addicted.

Photo Credit @thesaraengel