Tan VS. Glow

Paying close attention to the UV Index is so important during these summer months when we are spending so much time outdoors, at the beach and poolside. Although some of us think that a tan gives an immediate glow, it is not the glow we are looking for in the long term and not at all good for our skin. 

Protect Your Canvas

The skin we have has to last us a long time and we want it to look good as we mature This means we have to protect it from getting sunburned and excessive UVA and UVB rays. And just because some of us do not get red or tan, that does not mean the skin is not getting its fair share of damage 

The Effect of a Natural Glow

If we take care of our skin in the right way, we can definitely get the glow without the tan. Hydrating, protecting, and nourishing our skin enhances our radiant look. In addition, a light weekly treatment or skin peel will reveal your glow.

Confidence from a Glow

We all know people who like to tan because they love the glow it gives them. It makes them feel more confident in their appearance. But we know we can all glow without the tan. When the surface of your skin is smooth, your pores are smaller and your complexion is clear, then natural light will reflect evenly off your face.  Our beauty comes from the confidence we exude so embrace your skin, and let it glow.

The Beauty of Being Pale

We love these iconic celebrity role models that embrace their natural rather pale skin, such as Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, and Taylor Swift. We know they might have a beauty entourage that is helping them along the way, but we know that taking care of our skin will make a difference in the long run and help us embrace our natural look. 

Tans Should Not Look Obvious 

It’s pretty obvious most of the time when people tan, whether it is a natural tan from the sun, self-tanner, or even bronzer. Some of the self-tanners are great and actually look better when we exfoliate first.

All Skin Tones are Beautiful

The glow is not exclusive to a single skin tone. Beauty ranges from light to dark, and we must all protect ourselves to nurture our glow. Whether you tend to tan or burn in the sun, both are not good for your skin. Tanning still comes with the risk of burning, no matter your complexion. Why ruin the beauty you were graced with?