Myth-busting About Summer Skin Peels

Skin peels during the summer

 You love that warm summer sun as it kisses your face—you might even abandon all your other facial skin care routines in favor of some sunscreen and gradually darkening your skin to a summer tone you think makes you look healthier.

It’s easy to think that you don’t need to care as much for your skin during this time.  But the reality is that the damage is compounding.

Your Skin Wants A Treatment

Don't wait until the end of the summer to try and correct the damage. You sweat more, clog your pores with sunscreen and generate more dead skin cells during these warmer months. Your skin is begging for a treatment.  Skin peels help exfoliate dead skin cells, keep pores clean, and reverse sun damage. 

Your Skin Is Begging For Summer Care 

 Those dark spots, textural changes and fine lines are the beginning signs of damage. Nobody wants their skin to look like it’s aging, but the sun is causing these changes.  Besides a healthy use of sunscreen, skin peels can help reverse these premature signs of aging by softening fine lines, evening the tone and removing the dead cells.   When you peel your skin, you generate new, fresh skin cells on your face,

Sun Sensitivity

Maybe you are worried that your regular skin peel regime could make your skin too sensitive for you to be in the sun.  While it’s true, it doesn’t mean being in the sun is totally out. Hats, beach umbrellas and sunscreen will protect you enough so that you can your continue to do mild peels during the summer.

Peel Wisely

Using an at-home peel is good choice during the summer because the exfoliation is more gradual.  Make a late afternoon or evening appointment with yourself, after you’ve come in for the day.  Your skin will recover in the evening and by the morning you will be fine.  We always suggest wearing an SPF or foundation with protection.

Don’t let your skin care suffer in the summer. Keep up a good peel routine to counteract sun damage, keep pores clean, prevent breakouts, and keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant. Throw on the good sunscreen (take it with you outdoors!) and go enjoy summer.