Skin Care Order of Operation


When I watched Evan Chen of Instagram do her first makeup tutorial just a few weeks ago, l I realized that many of your are probably more confused about your order of skin care products.

It DOES matter the order you apply your skin care products. When I was working  in my medi-spa as an esthetician, I would take bold permanent markers and actually write step numbers on the jars and bottles of my client's products.

These are guidelines for most people. If you do not want to do all these steps, it is fine to simplify your routine.



This step is if you have oily or out of control skin.   You may not be doing much, but overnight oils and dead skin cells build up on your face and can clog your pores. 

If you have dry skin, skip the morning cleanse. Chances are you cleansed your face before you went to bed the night before or got a good cleanse when your shampoo has dripped down your face while in your morning shower.

Pad or Toner

Use a treatment pad, cleansing pad or toner help balance your skin's pH and even deliver added nutrients.   This is a good time to apply your Peel Accelerator Pads if you use Retexturizing Peel kit.

Medicate or Spot Treatments 

Now your face is ready for active products. This could be a medication your dermatologist prescribed or an over-the-counter treatment that works for you. 


Hydrating mists or moisturizing serums can give skin cells just what they need to help you look fresh-faced as you begin your day.

SPF Sun Protection

Wait, don’t walk out the door just yet- without applying your SPF sun protection. This is your skin’s armor to battle the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays all year round (even in winter).



No matter what you did during the day, your skin was on the front line holding on to all sorts of things like makeup, dirt, grime, pollution, oil, sweat—you get the idea. Wash away the day as a first step.

Pad or Toner

Evening is the perfect time to deep cleanse, especially if after a day’s worth of clogged pores or dead skin build up.

You would use toner in this step for the same reason you do it in the morning, restoring your skin’s balance and getting it ready to easily absorb treatments, serums, and moisturizers coming its way.

Medicate or Spot Treatments

Again this is you should apply your prescriptions or over the counter drugstore treatments.  Retinoids (retinol and retinoic acid).  Follow your doctors instructions but you should never look to red or peel too much.  If you find this happening, ten just cut back and you can use on alternative nights.

Treatment Serums

Now’s the time for the big guns like antioxidant serums, ceramides or retinoids  Full of awesome and powerful ingredients, pat these serums onto your skin (thinnest to thickest) to maximize absorption.

Night Cream 

After a big day of work or play (or both), your skin needs to rehydrate. Apply and let your skin soak up all that good hydration as you go to sleep and dream of amazing skin.

Eye Cream

But before you close your eyes and drift off, take care of the most delicate area on your face—under your eyes. Gently dab it on (make sure to keep it away from your eyes) and go to sleep knowing your eyes will wake up smooth and bright.

Your beautiful face deals with a lot day and night, it deserves extra special care! 

Don't forget your regular skin peels.  This will help your favorite products work more effectively.