At-Home Peels Work


Did you know that you could do a light skin peel at-home and get the same results as you would in a medi-spa or dermatolgoist's office?

In a professional setting, it is often referred to as the “lunch-time” peel. The goal of this type of light peel is to rejuvenate skin, unclog pores, get rid of acne, reduce the depth of wrinkles and brighten skin. And we can definitely tell you that if you do  weekly at-home, you will get the same results as if you went for an in-office peel.

Getting to the medi-spa for a peels

It is expensive, stressful and time consuming to regularly visit the salon or medi-spa  for  “lunch-time” peels. Just the thought of trying to book another appointment, say between a carpool, work and your favorite spin class, is just not doable for most of us.

For the hefty fee you will definitely probably get some perks; someone else applying the products on your face, maybe a few minute massage and possibly  a hot towel laced with an essential oil. But going back for the suggested series is no small feat.

The series of peels makes the difference

All professional will prescribe a series of peel treatment. It’s not just one and done. It is speeding up your skin’s natural exfoliation process consistently that will regenerate new cells, increase metabolic activity and remove debris that clogs your pores.

Chances of doing an at-home peel are much greater?

Retexturizing Peel is the equivalent to a “lunch-time” peel, takes about 10 minutes to do and is only three simple steps. It is gentle but it will do the trick without making your skin red or irritated.

Find a time, like Sunday evening and commit to doing your weekly skin peel. Treating yourself to some well deserved downtime will make a difference in the texture and tone of your skin. So much builds up on the surface of the skin including makeup, bacteria and dead cells. Ellen Lange's light skin peels are a great way to gently exfoliate the top layers and reveal your new fresh layer of skin.

Not Much Of A Commitment.

Although it might sound like regular skin peels are a commitment, they really aren’t when you do them at home. You will wear less makeup and likely feel more confident about your natural skin.

Put on your favorite sweats, pour yourself a hot cup of tea or pull out your peel kit.  It is cost-effective, simple to use, and easy to slip right into your regular skincare routine—all great reasons to give yourself bright, glowing, and beautiful skin.