You’re online trying to decide whether you need to buy a MASK or a PEEL???

Both promise to rejuvenate and freshen your skin, both have similar ingredients and both are applied to your face for a specified amount of time.

So, it might be easy to confuse a mask and a peel, to not know which one is right for your needs, or even feel like they are interchangeable.I would not be surprised if you are unsure, but let me start by asking you this: Is applying makeup and removing makeup the same thing? The answer to that is obvious!

The basic difference between a mask and a peel is like the difference between adding and subtracting. Ok, it’s a little more complex than that, but even though both applications are great for improving your skin, they have different functions. Here are the specifics broken down.

Masks are a great way to ADD intensive moisture to your skin.  They can also absorb excess oils from your face. They can provide your skin with age-fighting antioxidants that slow the effects of free radicals and cell damage. Masks can also carry anti-inflammatory ingredients that help with redness or swelling, or use small amounts of actives to freshen your skin.

Peels gently SUBTRACT the outer most layer of skin cells, removing dead skin, bacteria, cosmetics, sebum and dirt to reveal the fresh new skin underneath. A peel is one of the best treatments you can do for your skin. They can change your pH and help increase collage production.  Peels can leave your face with a smoother texture, even skin tone, target fine lines, clean pores and help your skin tone.

As a word of caution about peels, they should be done by a professional or at-home versions should be purchased from a reputable company.  

Whether you need a mask, a peel, or both, fresh, healthy skin makes you feel great, look great, and will have you GLOWING with joy.