Mind Your "P"s...Peel, Pamper & Protect

Almost anyone can have FLAWLESS SKIN!

I always say mind your “P”s… PEEL, PAMPER & PROTECT! 

Seriously, following these 3 Ps can

  • Reduce Fine Lines
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Control Acne &
  • Minimize Pores


A simple at-home peel will enhance your skin's natural exfoliation. By now we all know that peels sloughs off the rough dead skin that make your skin look dull. But just as important, peels allow your pores to breath and enable the creams or treatment serums to reach into the layers to be most effective. 


Pamper your skin with luxurious moisturizers, specialty serums and even skin pads that deliver nutrients to the skin’s many layers. There is a reason why the skin care and OTC (over the counter) cream industries are so large. The creams, lotions and ointments we apply topically, to our skin can be very effective n treating many of our skin concerns.


Protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays everyday. A cream with SPF 30 or more is essential when you are exercising, gardening, driving or just sitting outside. On days you do not plan to in the sun, it is still essential wear an SPF 15. Never underestimate the powerful sun rays.

If you exercise to stay fit, brush your teeth to keep them clean or get manicures to have lovely nails, than seriously think about starting to use an at-home skin peel.