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Hello friends! I am so excited to finally share my thoughts on the @ellenlange  Retexturizing Skin Peel* with you. I've been using this at-home peel for six weeks and although I could have written something similar weeks ago, I really wanted to thoroughly use the kit before reviewing.⁣

First things first. #ellenlange is an esthetician that created this at-home, professional-strength peel for people on the go who don't necessarily have time for professional treatments, yet want immediate and long-term results. Literally, me in a nutshell.⁣ 


The peel contains a unique combination of glycolic acid, enzymes and natural microbeads that gently exfoliates, removing dull surface cells and revealing healthy, new skin. The peel controls breakouts, reduces dryness, refines pores, evens skin tone, rejuvenates skin.⁣


Honestly, this peel wowed me from the very beginning. The steps are easy to follow, and every time I use the kit, my skin feels smoother and looks simply radiant. I wake up with glowing skin. My favorite part: it is truly helping to even out my skin tone. I have a few post-breakout dark spots that just will not go away, and this peel is lightening them. They are not gone, but they're getting there.