How To Have A Skincare Clean Halloween

 Happy Halloween everyone!

For many of us, Halloween is a time where we can experiment with  makeup and show off our creativity, but our skin doesn’t have to suffer to do so! Many of us make the mistakes of not prepping our skin the days leading up to halloween festivities and not  properly removing the makeup afterward. These mistakes lead to stressful days of damage control and pesky breakouts. Luckily, we are here to provide you with a prep and removal  routine to ensure your skin is Halloween clean!  

Prep step 1: Cleanse  

Of course the first step of prepping our skin should be cleansing it to remove all the dirt  and oil from the surface of our faces. Make sure to use a cleanser that is not too harsh or drying, we want all the moisture we can get when we’re anticipating heavier makeup!  

Prep Step 2: Tone  

Grabbing for a toner is a great way to remove any oils left behind while also replenishing our skin by balancing PH and revitalizing it. Make sure to avoid alcohol based toners as those can strip the skin and remove your protective barrier over time!  

Prep step 3: Hydrating Mask 

We have found that while daily usage of masks may be excessive and detrimental to the  skin, periodical usages of hydrating masks really give back to our skin in the way that day to day products don't! Our second to last step of the prep is a hydrating mask, that way we can  really begin to lock in moisturize to our skin, which is especially important as we are teetering into the winter months.  

Prep step 4: Moisturize 

Our last prep step is to moisturize our skin! Go for something thick with ceramides to ensure ultimate moisture lock in! Don't be afraid to pair creams with serums like hyaluronic acid to ensure our skin is glowing and hydrated in preparation for our spooky makeup.  

Removal Step 1: Cleanse and Makeup Removal  

While some removal steps may look similar to prep steps there are some important  variations. First we start with the cleanse and makeup removal. We recommend an oil based cleanser so that the cleanser binds to our makeup and really removes it from stubborn areas like  your eyelids. Oil based cleansers and balms are great at removing all of our makeup while still  keeping moisture in our skin through the use of oils.  

Removal Step 2: Peel 

A long weekend of a Halloween makeup is the perfect time to grab our Ellen Lange Peel  Kit, with our main ingredient glycolic acid as a way to restore your skin. Our three step peel kit  comes with a prep, peel accelerator pads, and the glycolic peel solution itself. The glycolic acid in this peel will be an important part of skin turnover by stimulating collagen production. Our peel will have your skin looking visibly refreshed after just one use!  

Removal Step 3: Hydrate 

Lastly we recommend using a thick hydrating cream or overnight hydrating mask. Our skin just underwent a long weekend of maneuvering and deserves some rest and nurture. Don’t be afraid to layer creams, as they guarantee a glow the next morning.