Deep Clean Halloween Makeup With Skin Peels


The Halloween partying will come to an end soon, but the effects on your skin can linger.  The dense and full face makeup coverage can cause breakouts and irritation.

You might find that your skin is just not the same and you are wishing for a quick recovery.  There is no need to panic, an at home skin peel can quickly rescue your complexion.  

If you are still planning on dressing up for a costume party this week or already feel like you need to visit to the dermatologist here are some tips:


Use name brand cosmetics that you buy at the drug store, which are non-comedogenic -- this means they should not clog your pores. The no-name inexpensive Halloween makeup tend to be manufactured with grease or heavy oils.  Best to to use water based makeup if you are going for a full cover look.  


Thick full face makeup can really be rather suffocating to your skin. Try not to apply an extremely thick coat of makeup.   If you tend to breakout on chin and forehead, then don't use heavy makeup in those areas.  Just concentrating the makeup on the eyes and lips is the safest and you can easily create a dramatic look. 


Before going to bed, make sure you wash your skin well.  Use a gel cleanser to help remove the deep pigmented cosmetics.  Even a washcloth or microfiber cloth will help remove the heavier makeup. 


An at-home peel will help your skin normalize.  A skin peel is a deep exfoliation it will cause the top layers of skin to lift away. This will also open the pores and help clean out the dirt and debris which can cause acne and blackheads.  The Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel is a complete kit that will enable you to do a full skin care treatment at home. 

Before running off to the dermatologist or buy products that can over dry your skin, we recommend you taking control with a skin peel.  The results will be lasting and you will probably get addicted.

Photo credits:   @shannacistull@TifenyMoreira  @danessa_myricks