Gym Skin

skin care for after gym and workout

You should go to the gym without makeup, not worrying if your cosmetics are going to slide down your cheeks or that your foundation will appear on your towel.

You have probably spent money on great looking gym clothing, but if you are still have not achieved the #nomakeup look to match that well fit outfit, we can help.

Start With Confidence

The truth is that women who wear less make up appear more comfortable with themselves – especially in the gym. Be bold and authentic at the gym.

Remove the Sweat

Perspiration is good because it regulates body temperature and releases toxins, but It can clog your pores. Use a glycolic pad after your workout will help keep your pores from clogging. The glycolic acid will help keep the sweat and debri from hardening within the pores

Body Heat

As you increase your body heat, your skin becomes more susceptible to the bacteria and germs around the gym. Cleanse the equipment with wipes before use it and your skin after you leave the gym. Then use a facial scrub like to loosen the build up in the pores… this means less whiteheads, blackheads and acne.

Skin Cells Production

Exercise helps improve circulation and deliver oxygen rich blood to your skin, boosting collagen production and cell turnover rate. Doing a weekly glycolic peel will further speed up the cell turnover rate and keep your skin looking radiant and glowing.

The gym is a good place to start feeling comfortable about wearing no make up. It might even make you feel better about reducing your everyday makeupl