From the Medi-Spa to Your Home

You may have seen this line in some of our marketing materials: 

"Ellen Lange took the peel from the plastic surgery practice, to the medi-spa and now to your home."

This is actually what I did. I became an esthetician and I learned to do skin peels from my father Alvin Glasgold, MD, who is a plastic surgeon.  After developing my own skin care clientele, I built a medi-spa alongside his practice.  

Clients Preferred Peels 

I quickly realized that my clients preferred peels to facials.  The results were immediate and the peels helped them achieved their long term solutions; reducing wrinkles, evening skin tone and clearing acne.  

But clients were not scheduling their appointment regularly, because of the price and inconvenience.  

Peels Offer Results

After doing hundreds of skin peels, I created the prototype for the original at home peel kit.

I knew that if so many other extremely busy people, like myself, could do peels at home, they would see immediate and long-term results.

Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel is a three-step system that resurfaces texture and rejuvenates skin. It is uniquely designed to replicate the professional peel and provide superior results. 

Why Retexturizing Peel Works

Retexturuizing Peel treats the outermost layer of the skin and is done repeatedly in a series of eight treatments.  The timing is important because approximately every 28 days your shed the outermost layer of skin.  But as we mature the rate of cell production and turnover slows down.  The cells stay on the skin's surface longer, making the skin look duller and uneven.  

Retexturuzing Peel unique combination of glycolic acid, enzymes and natural microbead, which ensures that it successfully produces similar results to those you would get done by professionals.