Masks Are Causing "Maskne"

Masks are becoming our most important accessory as we emerge from quarantine. Not our favorite look and not great for our skin either.  We are learning that regular use of these masks are causing, an unintentional consequence; called "Maskne". This is the breakouts, skin irritation, and dermatitis that develops from us wearing masks for many hours. 

Never Had Breakouts Before?

People who never had problematic skin, are suddenly experiencing breakouts blackheads and congested skin issues on their nose, cheeks and chin. Some of us are even wearing protective hats and are developing around the hair hairline and temples.

Adult and Teen Acne

Combine the underlying stress in our lives, with the regular protective gear and we have the perfect surface for the onset of teens and adults skin problems.  Initially it was just nurses, first responders and healthcare workers who were struggling with extreme changes in their skin. Now as more non-essential businesses open, workers in supermarkets, restaurants, salons and other stores are wearing masks for extended hours and developing "maskne".

Behind The Mask or Scarf

When we are wearing our masks our warm breath, cause our pores to open. Then the sweat, sebum, oil, debris and our own surface bacteria collect in our follicles, creating the perfect environment to develop nasty and inflamed breakouts. Also areas where there is friction or irritation between the skin and the mask, can develop micro-tears which allow bacteria to more easily penetrate the skin’s surface.

Rescue Your Skin With A Peel

That is where Retexturizing Peel can come in really handy. By doing a weekly peel we are preventing  pores from clogging and escaping this vicious cycle. When we use peels to remove the dead cells, oil and debris from the on the skin's surface, we are preventing mask breakouts from forming in the first place.