Seasonal Prep For Less Holiday Stress

This holiday season you want to dazzle, shine, and give off a glow that rivals any holiday decorations. But a combination of factors like stress, eating richer or more sugary foods, having an extra glass or two of wine at the holiday party, less sleep, and colder weather can mean it’s beginning to look a lot like…dull, dried out skin?

Let’s talk about how a skin peels can help you capture and keep that festive radiance all season long.  

Get rid of dry skin

Cold temperatures, dehydrating indoor heating systems, or even a few holiday cocktails, can leave your face drier than normal. Adding skin peels into your weekly beauty routine can help exfoliate dry, rough skin to reveal fresh, smoother skin underneath.

Allows moisturizers and other beauty treatments to be more effective

The holidays might be a time when you step up your beauty regime—perhaps wearing makeup more often (getting dazzled for parties) or using moisturizers more frequently. Makeup can take some of the moisture out of your skin and dead skin cells (perfectly normal) can create a barrier that keeps moisturizers from getting through. A skin peel helps clear away dried out and dead skin cells, taking away a barrier that could inhibit moisturizers from getting deeper into the skin and working their magic.

Stress Acne

Besides added fun, holidays are also often a source of added stress. Even if you aren’t normally prone to skin breakouts, the extra stress can cause a surge in hormones that equals holiday acne (one of the times you need it the least!) Skin peels not only help unclog pores, but experts say that regular exfoliation can catch those nasty breakouts and stop them before they even begin.

More food, less sleep

Tis the season to indulge in some of your favorite holiday foods and beverages, and perhaps even stay up a bit later partying, wrapping, or baking. All of this can take a toll on your skin--from adding fine lines, darkening under the eyes, to puffier skin. Skin peels help stimulate your body to produce more collagen (improving skin texture and tone), fill in fine lines, and lessen under eye darkness.

Now is the perfect time to add skin peels into your beauty routine. An at-home kit includes 8 peels (one per week) and glycolic pads for everyday skin care. This holiday season give yourself the present of beautiful skin and everyone else the presence of your glowing face.