Ditch the Foundation

During the pandemic we are all lounging around in more comfortable clothing and wearing a lot less makeup. But for some of us ditching the foundation, when we get on that video chat, dash to the grocery store or sip a cocktail with friends outside, is still challenging.  

With proper skin care and consistent use, most of use can really get to the point when maybe a bit of mascara, a tinted lip gloss and a spot concealer would be just enough.

Seriously it shouldn’t be hard to achieve. And the benefits of wearing less make up are so great. We all know it is better for our skin, but it truly encourages self-confidence and self-acceptance. Practically speaking, it saves us quite a bit of money and minimizing the makeup is so much more convenient.

For most of us the masks and makeup combination is not a great. Consistently wearing masks has caused most of us either acne, breakouts or just irritation from our new facial accessory.

The less makeup we wear the better off our skin will be in the long term. Our skin definitely needs a chance to breathe. The full face foundation completely covers our skin and then the masks just forces the makeup deeper into pores.  

We sure don’t want to throw away all our beautiful cosmetics, but we are hoping we can all find a natural look that works for our well-being and confidence.

Say Goodbye to Clogged Pores

It’s no secret that makeup clogs our pores. Wearing a mask on top of that only creates more of a mess for our skin. The better we take care of our skin, the less makeup we feel inclined to wear, resulting in our journey to de-clogged pores.


Through this pandemic, there has been a new skin concern, mask-ne. The tension between our mask and our faces, while wearing makeup, clogs ours pores and irritates our skin. The outcome of this is that we find ourselves dealing with unwanted pimples.

Peeling & Acne 101

Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel kit does wonders for acne breakouts. Glycolic Acid is scientifically proven to help reduce breakouts and fade acne scars. So if we keep up with our Sunday-night peels, our faces will be improving rather than worsening under our masks.

Feeling Confident in Your Own Skin

Going makeup- free can sound a bit scary.  But once we lock in a consistent skin care routine with products that truly satisfy our skin concerns, our bare-face confidence will sky rocket. So let’s forget about our foundation for a bit, let our skin breath and improve, and come out of this pandemic as glowing goddesses.