Halloween Clean

Get Halloween Clean

After this weekend of dress up and costume parties you probably feel like your skin needs a deep clean. 

The thick dramatic makeup from Halloween and even some everyday foundations can cause breakouts and acne.    Certain creamier ingredients used in cosmetics, are considered comedogenic.  This means that they can clog pores which leads to acne, excessive blackheads and even skin infections. 

A chemical peel can work within your pores as well on the outer most layer of your skin.  It will soften the debris in your pores, remove residue from cakey & waxy makeup and exfoliate discolored & flaky skin. 

You can easily be a pro esthetician at home with the Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel.  This weekly peel treats your entire face, while targeting the more oily areas, the forehead, nose and chin.

So if you have been washing your face this weekend with a cleanser that is a good start.  Next you should consider getting a professional at home peel that can loosen the sebum within your pores and  bring oxygen to revive your healthy glow.