Envy Your Fellow 50 Year Olds ?


No need to envy your fellow fifty year olds.  Ok maybe, some of the more famous ones, like Heather LocklearElle Macpherson, and Deborah Norville have personal estheticians, who they visit for monthly facial treatments. But simply, it all comes down to exfoliation.    

We know that if you do weekly at home facial peels, you will get the same results as if you visit the spa for monthly treatments.  

50 is now the new 40 and getting skin to look "40-something" is not that hard.  If you regularly exfoliate or do at home skin peels you can dramatically improve your look. Peeling will help you increase your cell turn over rate, remove your dull outer layers and enable your moisturizers to penetrate more quickly.

While you may have never had extremely dry skin or even breakouts, midlife skin or menopause skin can act much different.  Pores get larger and tend to collect more sebum, which can even lead to adult acne onset.  And during the winter months you could have the driest skin ever.

Don't let a few fine lines and grey hairs discourage you. Rejuvenating and retexturizing skin is completely possible.