Nurse Skin



                         Client Study #EL-107  

Profile:  30-something Nurse who works long shifts and irregular hours.  She  likes her routine and always purchased her skin care in the grocery store. She considered good skin care her pH balanced cleanser and moisturizer with SPF 15 daily.

Concerns:   The stress of being in the hospital was showing on her face. She was seeing fine lines around her eyes.  Working long shifts and this harsh winter dried out her skin.      

Results:  She took charge and started doing at home peels.  She had a peel at a medical office previously, but never continued because scheduling appointments was difficult.  She notices such a different in the texture and is comfortable wearing less makeup to work.  

"I am a nurse and I am so critical. It took convincing for me to try Retexturizing Peel because I am such a skeptic.  I am addicted now."

Skin glows and she is empowered.

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