Client Study #EL 105


Client Study #EL-105

Profile: 20-something ballerina with demanding professional career.  She wears plenty of makeup for performances, but prefers to go natural offstage.  She discovered Retexturizing Peel when another women in her ballet company was doing a peel in their dressing room.

Concerns:   The cakey performance makeup clogs her pores and causes breakouts.  Most days her face is glistening from sweat during her rigorous rehearsals.  At times, she feels like her face is never clean. She constantly has underlying skin bumps and recurring noticeable blackheads.  

Results:   Retexturizing Peel eliminated the need to have monthly facials.  The weekly Retexturizing Peels and daily Peel Accelerator Pads provide deep cleaning and keep the pores clear of blackheads.  She actually wears less makeup for performances and credits her glowing skin to the peel kit.

She now uses Retexturizing Peel kit weekly and has total control of her skin.

She glows and she is empowered.

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