Skip The Peel Appointment

You no longer need to schedule a peel in a salon or doctor's office. Just read what people are saying about the Retexturizing Peel and you will probably agree that an at-home skin peel can be ideal for you.  It is easy for us to agree with our satisfied at-home clients, but here are some other things you should consider:

  • Peeling is like exercising, you have to do it regularly to see maximum results.
  • Skin peels eliminate rough patches, even skin tone and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.
  • Skin peels enable your expensive creams penetrate the surface and work more effectively.
  • A peel in the salon or medical office requires removing your makeup midday. That is a bit of a drag.
  • Studies have shown that slow, gradual at home skin peels produce visible clinical results.
  • Retexturizing Peel will produce the immediate results you want without downtime or discomfort.

And most importantly, Retexturizing Peel kit includes at least 8 peels in a box and a two months supply of glycolic pads for $79.