At Home Glycolic Peels Refine & Tighten Pores


Young healthy skin has a soft texture and small pores. When your pores are tight, your skin surface appears smooth and light reflects more evenly.   The two main causes for enlarged pores are excess sebum and the loss of collagen and elastin.  Large pores are a concern of people with caucasian, mediterranean and black skin.
Teens whose have active sebaceous glands and people who frequently wear foundations can also have larger looking pores. The sebum, oil and cosmetics can collect in the pores, making them appear larger. 

In addition as we age, our pores can become enlarged.  The skin structure is compromised and the pores can appear flatter and wider.

Glycolic peels are recommended for people with enlarged pores. At home peels helps to remove dead skin cells and soften trapped sebum in the pores.  The chemical peels also stimulate superficial collagen production and reveal reveals fresh new skin beneath with smaller pores.