Sissi Nutham is editor of Beauty4free2u.  Sissi has been recognized in the industry as a top blogger, being "Editor´s Pick" by Blogher and SheSpeaks. She has been a fashion contributor for Lucky Magazine and included in Glamour Magazine’s list of top 100 fashion, beauty, and lifestyle "top influencers".  

Sissi likes to do things herself, get a good deal and and most of all, enjoys sharing all her tips.  She is a full time blogger, mother and wife. Also she has a YouTube channel that is so informative and entertaining.  "Sometimes I do a goofy videos. Life is too short to take it too serious," admits Sissi.

In 2014  Sissi switched to featuring cruelty free cosmetic because she loves animals.  She is also the creator of the Go Cruelty Free App that makes cruelty free shopping easier. 

Watch Beauty Blogger, Sissi Nuthman review of Retexturizing Peel kit   "I am a huge FAN.  I LOVE it!" ....

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