Flights of Beauty

Lexie is a makeup artist who derives great pleasure from making real people look beautiful. She enjoys working in

her New Jersey studio, Flights of Beauty. Lexie's clients range from young girls who perform in dance competitions to grandmothers who want to look their best for their  granddaughters' wedding.  Lexie can make a woman look good at any age and she really tries to make her clients' vision become a reality.  

"I love being a makeup artist because I can transform a soccer mom into an evening knockout within an hour, " explains Lexie.  "At Flights of Beauty, we really take a woman to another place with quick and affordable makeovers."  

Lexie started doing make up professionally in 2012, but she grew up loving all things beauty and fashion related. "I love how makeup can enhance natural beauty and help express how a person is feeling," says Lexie.

She studied and graduated from Robert Fiance Make Up Academy, but it was her natural talent that enabled her to quickly start doing makeup for weddings, fashion shows and professional photo shoots. In addition she really enjoys teaching makeup application. 

What is your philosophy about your style/lifestyle?  My philosophy is a simple one-- Confidence is Beauty! Whether its having a fierce cat eye, a bold red lip, or a natural glowing look as long as you own it and feel comfortable in your own skin it will show.

What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?               I always make sure to take off my make up. You should always go to sleep with a naked & well moisturized face!

Do you have a beauty secret?                                                   I like to put a neutral shimmery shadow right on top of the cupid's bow to give the illusion of full, pouty lips!

What do you use when you wake up in the morning on your face?                                                                                        After a moderate cleansing I always use a glycolic treatment pad before moisturizer and makeup. Toning helps to remove excess oil and tighten skin and pores.

How do you maintain a natural look?                                 Good skincare is the foundation to any natural look. "I try to exfoliate once a week with a good at home chemical peel to keep my skin glowing."