SubSurfacing Technology


Using Retexturizing Peel is the best way to understand our proprietary subSURFACING™ technology.  You will actually see and feel the quick release of glycolic working within the layers of the skin.

You shouldn’t need a PhD in chemistry to understand subSURFACING™ but let us try and break it down for you. 


subSURFACING™ transdermal delivery system accelerates the product migration into the epidermis. This means that the glycolic penetrates into the layers of skin where it can be most effective.


Controlled oxygen releasing subSURFACING™ peel targets metabolic activity, collagen regeneration and dermal cell production.


Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peelwith  subSURFACING™  technology produces significant and lasting results that can rejuvenate your skin, even your tone, smooth your texture or clear your complexion.