Skin Peel At Every Age

I’m sure we all see the word “anti-aging” in marketing when it comes to skincare. We all know that aging is inevitable, but it’s also a beautiful thing! It should not be feared, as your skin changes with each decade of life. Here at Ellen Lange we really believe our product is capable of making you feel AND look your best, at any age. We embrace all beauty and all ages. Although sunscreen is a MUST with all ages, there are certain steps that can adapted into one’s skin routine depending on the age:


Gycolic peels in our 20's are ideal for treating mild to moderate acne. They help cast off dull surface cells and clear out your pores. They work to reduce our breakouts and even help reduce acne scars.

Your skin in your 20’s could either be the best skin or worst skin! Some women are lucky enough to have clear skin with a minor breakout here and there, and other’s struggle with different types of acne. Around the age of 25 is where women start to see a slowdown in oil production and potentially a slowdown in collage and elastin. As much as younger people love to have a fun night out, it’s important to keep that skin clean and make-up free at night!  Use our Clearing Skin |Shots at night can keep your skin clear without drying it out.. Finally start to learn about preventative skincare products and techniques, because starting earlier is better!


Peels are even more important in our 30's.  They increase our collagen synthesis and help bring our new cells to the surface more rapidly, giving us a more refreshed look and even skin tone. 

Usually around this time acne will subside. But this is because your skin is starting to dry out! Hyperpigmentation will possible develop, cute lines and wrinkles will start to show, and cell turnover could possibly slow down. It is so important to look at your diet during this time! You are probably no longer in college enjoying all that yummy fast food on the weekends, so it’s ideal to fill your body with healthy food. Your skin will glow, if you feed your body with delicious healthy foods! Your ideal skin care product would be our RENEWING Skin | Shots! Exfoliation with peels is key to remove dead skin cells! Your skin will love a moisturizer with lots of antioxidants and incorporating a retinol a few times a week.


Peel work wonders in our 40's & 50's because they stimulate collagen production, increase blood flow and tighten the pores. 

Your 40’s and 50’s are incredible years! But women around this around the time the wrinkles appear more and there is a loss of overall skin elasticity. Also, hormones can start to play a factor into this age group which can lead to dryness of the skin. Its important to shift towards promoting collage and elastin which keeps your skin nice and plump. Using a gentle cleanser is key because it will keep the natural oils on your skin. Your skin produces less sebum which can expose one to things such as pollution. It’s important to up your nightly routine with a retinoid serum to ever night or possible a higher strength. Apply protective and hydrating serums like our GLOWING Skin| Shots hydrating facial and MULTI MOLECULAR Moisturizer to deliver and lock in moisture. Finally, since your skin is thinner, avoid harsh exfoliants and go for ones like Retexturizing Peel that can help stimulate circulation and help carry oxygen to your skin!

Over 60’s

Glycolic peels stimulate the fibroblasts, which are our connective tissue cells associated with collagen production. The goal of glycolic peels is to make our fibroblasts work to improve your texture, tone, and overall collagen goodness

Your skin-care regimen shouldn’t change too much but find a routine that is easy and one you love! Many women find that their skin does become more sensitive after 60 due to the thinning of the skin. Lean towards the creams and facial serums that have products to soothe the skin. Its important to be super gentle with your skin as its delicate at this age. All women need a reminder that aging is a process of life, and every single person goes through the same thing. Every age is beautiful, and we should all love ourselves no matter what!