Photo & Video Intern

Apply to become part of a very exciting and entrepreneurial team.  You can become a creative force in our company.

Ideal candidate should:

  • Have passion for the skincare business
  • Ability to take edit short videos
  • Enjoy creating content

Job Description:

  • Participate in weekly marketing brainstorming & story concept meetings
  • Take weekly photo and create very short video
  • Edit demo videos & our content
  • Upload photos and videos to our social media networks


Send Cover Letter & Resume:

Write in subject line: Photo/Video Intern Application

See what other interns have said:

"Interning at Ellen Lange provided hands-on experience in social media, ecommerce, and affiliate marketing, solidifying my decision to pursue marketing in beauty. I worked directly with Ellen, contributing to the growth of her channels and improving content -  it was a fulfilling opportunity and ultimately a great foundation to my career - 5 years later, I now oversee digital operations for 3 beauty brands." – Kristine I.

"My internship at Ellen Lange gave me career direction. I was exposed to so many aspects of the business. I learned things that I would have never learned at school. Working at an entrepreneurial company was very exciting. It was very creative and I felt like I made a contribution to the company.  I currently work in product development in the beauty business." - Nadeige S.

My internship with Ellen Lange provided great insight into the beauty business, with first hand experience in learning true skin care needs. I learned critical social media skills, primarily in Facebook and Instagram, that have helped me develop into the online editor I am today. I have been able to have a leg up on my coworkers and competitors in these aspects when they come to online advertising on Facebook.”  – Ana S.