Copy of The Beauty Of Facing Ourselves

When our makeup comes off, we must face one another, face history and face ourselves. This is why Ellen Lange has created "The Beauty of Facing Ourselves" campaign, working with the non-profit organization Facing History and Ourselves.  

"Facing our collective history and how it informs our attitudes and behaviors allows us to choose a world of equity and justice. - Facing History And Ourselves    

Educators across the country and around the world use Facing History's tools and resources to help students understand racism, prejudice, anti-semitism, stereotypes and intolerance. 

Their mission is to use lessons of history to challenge students and teachers to stand up to bigotry and hate. They empower young people to make a difference in the world by providing curricula and classroom resources that highlight pivotal historical moments including; the Civil Rights Movement, the Holocaust, LGBT Anti-Discrimination laws and George Floyd protests.

All profits from of our headband will donated to The Beauty of Facing Ourselves. 

 Learn more about  Facing History and Ourselves.