Winter Peel Solution



During the winter months your cell turnover rate can slow down and your complexion can reflect these dreary months. 

Your face is the part of your body that is most exposed to the elements. It protects you and takes the most abuse from the environment.

The Peel Solution

Winter is the perfect time to try a gentle peel.  It will exfoliate the outer layers of dead skin cell and speed up your natural cell turnover rate.

After an at-home peel, such as Retexturizing Peel will allow your favorite creams to penetrate, your topical serums will get to work and your pores will breathe.

Fighting Acne

The dead skin cells clinging to the surface can be clogging your pores. A good peel will help open your pores so your drug store products or dermatologist will bring you back in the clear.


With a renewed surface, your daily treatments will work within your skin where they can be most effective. Go for it during these winter months. First put on a serum and if need be layer with a more luxurious cream.


Watch That Cleansing Routine

It might not be necessary for you to cleanse twice daily, if your skin is feeling dehydrated. Definitely do that nighttime wash to get rid of any makeup or grime left on your face.

You can skip the morning cleanse. Just splashing your face with some water or the shower water is enough in the AM.

Cleansers Can Be Drying

Many cleansers are drying. Try switching to surfactant -ree cleanser or a sensitive skin cleansing bar. The shampoos dripping down your face also have contain cleansing agents, which can strip and irritate your skin.

Humidifers Help

Your bedroom should not feel Death Valley. A simple inexpensive humidifier will pump the moisture into the room so while you are sleeping your skin will soak up the moisture.

SPF 365

Apply sunscreen everyday. UVA and UVB rays do not go away. UVA rays even penetrate through the glass and can continue causing damage during the colder months.