Why I developed Retexturizing Peel


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I developed Retexturizing Peel after working as an esthetician alongside my father Alvin Glasgold, MD  in his facial plastic surgery practice. He taught me how to do skin peels in a medical office. He always believed that plastic surgeons could lift and fill certain areas of the face, but the rejuvenating the texture was a completely different science. He also believed that everyone was not a candidate for facial plastic surgery and understood that not everyone wanted to undergo surgery.

After graduating Boston University College of Communications, I had worked in the beauty industry in public relations and marketing for years. I then went back to school to become an esthetician at Christie Valmy in New York city.

Peels Were Hot

Peels changed the skin care treatment business. There was no doubt that they were delivering more long term visible results than your average facial.

As I did more peels, I was finding that my clients preferred them to the more luxurious facials. They craved the glowing results from peels; smoother texture, even skin tone, clear complexions and refined pores.

But the clients who were seeing the best results were those who could commit to regular appointments. They were typically people who could afford the regular treatments, were not working and had the flexibility in their schedules

Professional Treatment Obstacles

It was obvious to me that getting to the medi-spa regularly was not easy for most people. It was time consuming, expensive and inconvenient. People just like myself were not coming for the follow-up peels because they were working, had families and did not have the time.

Peel Potential

Peels had potential to help so many other people and I wanted to create a peel that would be use in their home.  My thoughts were that it should be as similar to a professional treatment and of course produce even better results. I believed better results could be achieved just because of the convenience and affordability. By this time I had done hundreds of peels and I knew what I had to do make it work for all skin tones and skin types.

Peel Kit Development

I had never done product development before, but I began working with a cosmetic chemists to create my vision. The best thing is that I had a medi-spa where we could experiment with so many formulations. My "lab" wasn't some distant place where scientists hunched over test tubes. The real time "testing" was taking place right in my medi-spa. My clients tried the products for themselves and give their honest feedback directly to me.  

Why We Want to Peel

Peels work for the simple reason that they speed up our skin’s natural exfoliation process, increasing cell turnover rate and revealing our new healthy skin. As we mature the rate of cell production and turnover slows down.  The cells stay on the skin's surface longer, making the skin look duller and uneven.  Done repeatedly in a series of eight treatments, we can easily make cause our skin cells to regenerate more rapidly and move evenly.

Why Retexturizing Peel Works.

Ellen Lange Retexturuizing Peel kit contains 8 treatments and is packaged in a beauty spa-like box. It is the series of treatments that makes it so effective. Retexturuzing Peel's unique combination of glycolic acid, enzymes and natural microbead will produces results similar results to those you would get done by professionals.