We Sold Out!

Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel is the ultimate at-home peel that will give you that glowing skin you always wanted.  It is convenient, easy, and affordable. Yep, we said affordable. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a series of glycolic peel, we can now all peel in our own bathrooms. 

The At-Home Spa Experience

After working for years as an esthetician in a medi-spa, Ellen Lange created the first at-home peel. The 3-step process mimics a professional peel and after just one treatment the glow is on. 

It’s All in the Box

The peel kit contains 8 treatments, with an esthetician’s brush and a dispensing cut - everything you need.  Now multiply that by $100, which is what one peel would typically cost by a professional. Plus it includes a 60 Peel Accelerator Pads, which when used nightly  help speed your skin’s natural exfoliation process, 

Glycolic is The Holy Grail

Glycolic is proven to treat so many skincare concerns;  reduce wrinkles and fine lines, even skin tone, refine pores, and clear acne.  Retexturizing Peel kit includes this magical ingredient in the peel solution and the night pads.

The Peel For Everyone 

Ellen Lange wanted to create a peel for everyone.  Her kit is ideal for all skin types: Caucasian, African, Asian, Hispanic, and the Mediterranean. 

Join the #PeelCult 

Ellen Lange wants your experience to be more than the peel once a week. With the help of social media, we have brought a community together and talk about our skincare routines and how to live a healthy lifestyle. The peel is just one step in our health and wellness story and we all unite over the difference it has made in our lives.