Teens Can Benefit From Skin Peels Too



Ahh youth and their baby fresh skin—it’s completely enviable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last. By the time most kids make it to their teens, they are already experiencing skin issues from sun damage and acne. Fresh skin is still beneath the surface, but is a peel the right treatment to help teens with skin issues? 

It may seem like a harsh skin treatment for younger skin, and some may wonder if there is an age limit for doing an at-home skin peel. Now before you gasp and think “I don’t want my teen to do that to their face!”, let’s look at the fact that not all peels are created equal.

Peels can range from mild to deep, and doing a skin peel is more about the skin than the age.  Not all skin has the same issues, and younger skin generally has fewer problems that would call for a peel. The most likely issues facing a teen are acne, though some have trouble with uneven pigmentation or sun damage.

Peels strip away excess oils, dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria—the very villains that most commonly cause acne. A mild peel, especially an at home peel which tends to use less harsh, can exfoliate and cleanse the skin.

It’s all about choosing the right peel for you. An at home peel is ideal for a younger person. It is convenient for them to  and is affordable (can be less than $10 per peel).

Even a male teen who might feel uncomfortable scheduling an appointment at a professional spa, would benefit from an at home peel which, can be used on the back and chest too. 

Skin of any age can benefit from the confidence-boosting, smile-inducing freshening that an at home peel can give.