Too Much Sun In My Car

Sunscreen and umbrellas on the beach, sunscreen and hat in the park, sunscreen and bug spray while working in your yard—you’ve got yourself covered and protected from the sun!

Are you forgetting something? You might think you are protected from the sun while driving in your car—but are you? 

Hat & Gloves In The Summer

I do not drive without my hat and summer driving gloves.  The amount of sun exposure I get in my car is scary to me. I am afraid of the damage!  

Car Window Tint is Not Enough?

They might seem like a protective barrier (after all they keep the rain and bugs out), but in terms of blocking out UV rays—not as effective. Your windshield does block some of the UV rays but side windows, even ones that are tinted, block as little as half the UV rays coming into the car.

What Are UVA & UVB Rays Anyway?

While UVB rays have an effect on the outer layers of your skin (sunburn), the more numerous UVA rays in sunlight go deeper and are responsible for sun related wrinkles, sunspots, lines and other skin aging. Though UVB rays are the primary culprit in skin cancer, both UVA and UVB rays can cause skin cancer cells to form. UVC rays also exist on the light spectrum, but the ozone layer blocks those for us.

You Can Protect Yourself From The Sun In Your Car?

You probably already wear sunglasses (they need to have UVA & UVB protection, though) and that’s a good start. But sunscreen on your face and especially where your arm faces the window (driver or passenger) can give you the protection you need.

You Can Turn Reverse Some Sun Damage.

You can’t turn back time, but you can help reverse the damage the sun has already done. Chemical skin peels (you can do them at home with a kit) help soften fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, or other discoloration through gentle exfoliation.

The sun is out all year long so that means sun protection is always necessary when you’re in the car, even in the dead of winter. Prevent further sun damage by applying sunblock to uncovered areas, wear good sunglasses, a good hat and gloves.

Keep your sun-kissed skin looking fresh by adding moisturizers and skin peels to your regular skin care routine.