@FunmiMonet Is All About Self-Care


Funmi Monet is a skincare enthusiast and influencer who can be found @SkinCareGoalsAF.   Her instagram feed is beautifully curated. Funmi has great style and she can go from natural to glamours, without ever looking over done.

"I work in mental health, and taking care of my skin plays a large role in my self-care routine," explains Funmi.

She love using products that are user-friendly, straightforward, and fun to use in addressing my skin needs.

Why did you start your Instagram?

I started my instagram page to document and review my skincare routine, as well as connecting with other skincare and beauty lovers.

We love your name, can you "spill the tea"?
Funmi is short for OluwaFunmilayo which in my native language of Yoruba, means “God has given me joy”. I was born in Nigeria.

What will you never ever leave home without?
Beauty wise, I never leave home without my facial cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip balm.

What is your beauty philosophy?
My beauty and skincare philosophy is to listen to the needs of your skin, and to wear what makes you feel HAPPY!

What is your favorite way to relax? 
My favorite way to relax is lighting a candle, taking a long hot shower with my favorite bath and body products, and putting new sheets on my bed. Nothing feels better after a long/stressful day than fresh crisp sheets! 

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