@ShortHairSkinCare is an influencer who loves all things skincare.  She is never afraid to try new products and never afraid to share her honest opinions.  

Her fascination with skincare is based in how scientific it is, how the different ingredients complement or contraindicate one another, and how the right products can have immediate, visible effects

In her words 

"I mentioned in my post that I found a product that blows Drunk Elephant Baby Facial out of the water.

This is it...Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel 

Why is it so great?
.First and foremost, it’s a professional-quality, pharmaceutical-grade, at-home glycolic peel developed by a professional aesthetician, ellen lange. When it was launched in 1996, it was the first of its kind and became an instant cult hit: it was the #1 selling skincare item in Sephora for two consecutive years and revolutionized the industry. It has since been revamped and relaunched in early 2017.

Second, it provides immediate and lasting results without the drying or stripping effects of most peeling agents. My skin was noticeably brighter and clearer after just one treatment, and the results just continue to build with use.
And third, it’s not just a chemical peel, but rather an entire 3-step system, to replicate the process of professional peels. The kit contains a papaya enzyme Peel Prep Scrub and Glycolic acid Peel Accelerator Pads, both of which are meant to prepare the skin for the Glycolic Peel Solution. The Peel Accelerator Pads are also meant to be used daily to maintain the effects of the weekly peels.

If you think that 10% is too low of an acid concentration, especially when compared to Babyfacial’s 25%, I would counter with “bigger isn’t always better.” I’ve been using Babyfacial for months, but I didn’t get truly lasting results until I joined the Ellen Lange #PeelCult 

At $90, this entire kit costs only $10 more than Babyfacial. "

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