Reunion Skin

It’s the time of year when you’re looking forward to seeing family and friends, catching up over a golden roasted turkey or a mug of hot cider. What you might not be looking forward to is everyone seeing what the past year has done to your skin. You want to put on your freshest face.  Skin peels can help you take the years off and keep your skin healthy and bright.

What causes skin to look older?

There are quite a few factors, some of which are beyond our control. Biological factors such as age, hormones, and thickening layers of the epidermis (the top layer of skin) due to slower regeneration, can make your skin look dull or cause fine lines to appear. External factors such as pollution and UV rays from the sun can damage skin and even poor habits like an unhealthy diet or lack of sleep can factor into making your skin look older than its years.

What does a skin peel do to my skin?

Skin peels gently exfoliate the top layer of skin, removing skin that has become dry, rough, or dead through natural or external factors (it happens to everyone!). It helps to take off that dulled top layer of skin to reveal the fresh new skin underneath. It is a similar idea to a facial scrub, only not harsh or abrasive on your skin (scrubs can cause small micro-tears in the skin).

How does a skin peel help reduce the look of aging?

Besides uncovering the fresh skin cells underneath, it helps skin look younger in other ways. Over time, skin starts to lose its elasticity (what helps it “bounce back” if you pressed your finger to your skin), but a skin peel encourages your body to boost it’s production of collagen, making your skin firmer and more toned. As it exfoliates the top layer of skin, it also helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Is one skin peel enough?

Though many people notice improvement after one skin peel, a series of peels will help get your skin in shape. Just as you wouldn’t just wash your face or go to the gym once a year and expect everything to stay clean and toned, skin peels are the most beneficial when used as part of your regular skincare routine. Depending on your skin, doing a peel once every 1-2 weeks will continue to improve fine lines, discoloration, and scarring and continually keep your skin looking newer and younger. 

How skin peels and skin care products work hand in hand

Dead skin cells create somewhat of a barrier on your skin. When you apply skin care products such as lotions or creams, that barrier can prevent your skin care products from doing their job to the full. When you exfoliate those dead skin cells away, there is nothing to inhibit the penetration of your skin care products into your skin and they can get to work without any obstacles.

With a few weeks to go before Thanksgiving, now is a perfect time to add at-home skin peels into your beauty routine. You’ll confidently go face family and friends knowing your skin is radiant, fresh, and looking its best.