Peel Kit Photo Shoot

 The Ellen Lange photo shoot yesterday was so much fun!   We planned to just photograph Liz our Instagram Manager and Nadeige who handles Press Relations Manager, but I couldn't help myself. I jumped into the photo shoot and we had such a blast.  Our photographer Hailey was fabulous and put us all at ease.   We put on our SoundCloud, took off our make up and peeled our skin like we never have before.

We do our photo shoots in our office.  As a true entrepreneurial fashion we bought our entire set up on Amazon; backdrop, frame, and lights.  Although not the best quality they do the job,  Since we use these only a few times a year, I think it will do the trick.  

Styling turned out to be easy because in the end we all looked best sliding on our tube tops and showing skin.  Because we are all different ages and have different skin tones, we felt it was important to show the results of the peel kit.  We all peel regularly and you can see we felt good about being photographed.

Between the three of us our skin concerns range from: uneven skin tone, dryness, hyperpigmentation, acne & some fine lines.