Shares Her Love For Beauty & Life


We absolutely got to know Nikol through her instagram @LovingBeautyandLife.  Her fun-loving authentic personality jumps right off her feed.  Nikol lives in Southern California with her husband and two German Shepherds, Thor and Loki. 

She juggles a full-time job in the food industry, taking care of two crazy dogs and being with her husband. Nikol became an influencer very organically.  It was her marketing background and her addiction to skincare that lead to her write her first few blog posts.

Tell us about what influences you skincare/beauty routine.

Right now, simplicity. I’m opting for a more minimal approach to skincare and beauty. I’ve been gravitating towards products that are multi functional and following brands that take a less is more approach.

Why did you start your Instagram or blog?

I started both my blog and Instagram to share my love of beauty with the world. They both started as just skincare and makeup reviews, but I’ve grown to show way more about me and my life.

What do you not leave home without (beauty or fashion)?

A coat. I’m always cold, and you never know if you’ll have to be standing outside! I prepare for the worst! I always bring lipstick too, because again, you never know!

Do you have a beauty or lifestyle philosophy?

If you feel good, then it’s good. Honestly, that’s all that matters. If you are feeling yourself and love the way you look, rock it. There’s only one you, make it count!

Do you have a role model, mentor, or favorite influencer? 

I love Mellissa Alatore. She is an insanely talented makeup artist and so humble. I’ve never met her in person, but she is just my type of people.

What are your own skin concerns and what has helped you?

Texture use to be a big concern for me, and now aging. Drinking more water and really listening to my skin has helped the most. It doesn’t matter if you spend $1,000 on products, not everything works the same for everyone. I’ve really honed in on what my skin loves and needs.

What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?

I mist! I always have a facial mist on my nightstand.

What is your favorite way to relax?

I love to read and listen to music to relax. A good face mask and slow skincare routine always helps me unwind too.

Do you have a favorite quote ?

“It is what it is.” I forget where that came from but my uncle use to say it all the and and it has stuck with me. I’m taking a different approach to life and not stressing myself out over things that are out of my control so, it is what it is.

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