You can absolutely give a skin peel kit for a gift.  You will not insult anyone.  Nor will you be telling someone that they are looking older this year.  

Giving Retexturizing Peel is just like giving a gift card to a spa, but better because it includes 8 at-home treatments. Every time the person uses the peel, she/he will think about you.

Who isn't concerned about fine lines or blotchy skin or dry patches or breakouts or large pores?  Everyone can benefit from a skin peel so you do not have to be familiar with anyone's skin type.

Retexturzing Peel will even skin tone, minimize fine lines & wrinkles, reduce pores and help with oily out-of-control skin.  It is the ideal peel for all skin tones and types.

Gifting a Retexturizing Peel kit is the equivalent to giving a series of spa treatments. Think of it as giving an experience that will provide relaxing evenings or weekend afternoons.

Retexturzing Peel is the ideal gift for a friend, sister, mother, grandmother or aunt.  For people who have recently had a facelift or other rejuvenating injections, this is the perfect complement to their other treatments.

The holidays are not a time when most people are indulging themselves. Their December days are long; working, making festive meals and shopping until exhaustion.   These are the people who would love to receive a Retexturizing Peel kit for a gift. 

An at-home peel is one of the best things you can do for your skin.  Retexturzing Peel is a series of 8 treatments and a 2 month supply of skin care.  It contains everything you need to do an effective, but gentle exfoliating peel at home.  A combination of enzymes, natural microbeads and glycolic removes dead, dry skin and brings, clearer, more radiant skin to the surface.   

Retexturizing Peel kit is favorite of some many beauty editors and bloggers because they can peel when they want and it offers immediate results. So many people receive gift certificates to spas and finding time to schedule that appointment is often a chore.

Gift the peel kit now for yourself and someone you care about.