Peels For Stress Induced Breakouts


It is no shock that along with all the recent stress, we can be experiencing more breakouts.   We are taking care of kids and parents, cooking seven days a week and churning out work emails and spreadsheets. Our stress levels are up and our hormones are in high speed.  

Increase Oil Production

When we are stressed our hormone levels increase and our oil production goes into over drive. When we are between the ages of 15 and 35, our sebaceous glands increase in size and we secrete the most sebum. When the sebum mixes with the dead skin cells within the pores they can cause blockage, which is acne. The sebum-filled pores are an ideal place for bacteria to live and even colonize, which can even worsen our condition.

The At-Home Peel Solution

Light peels done in a series can greatly reduce mild to moderate severe acne for adults and teens. When we peel, we exfoliate the top layers of dead skin cells and clear out our clogged hair follicles, eliminating the vicious cycle. Healthy young skin sheds the top layers of skin naturally, but as we get older our cell turn over slows down. The dead skin cells, mix with our natural oils, debris and cosmetics on the skin and we get whiteheads and blackheads.

Peels Are Effective For Scars

An at home peel can also be extremely cost effective for diminishing the appearance and even vanishing acne scars from the skin's surface. Glycolic peels are gentle on our skin but tough on the scars. When we peel we cause a slight disturbance to the skin will stimulates new cells to replace old cells,

The peels are no only removes the dead skin cells but cause a micro-disturbance that stimulate our bodies’ natural response to produce collagen, helping fill in our scars.


No Pushing, Picking & Squeezing

So many of us are inclined to pick at our pimples but it can actually be quit dangerous and aggravate the situation. Picking pimples can cause them to become inflamed and swollen. We can actually tear the skin, which can lead to scars. Our fingers can introduce new bacteria in the pimple and can even force the oils further down into the skin.   In worse case scenarios, picking can cause the pimple’s bacteria to spread through vulnerable areas like your nose and lips, entering your bloodstream.

So many other things that are out of our control can also cause acne. But we do know that glycolic peels are clinically proven to reduce acne and some of the scaring associated with it.   Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel is an easy, affordable treatment to start sloughing off your skin. Just like a professional peel, it can clear your acne, as well as making it look brighter and tighter.