Facial Lines And Scars Are Like Peaks And Valleys

Detecting fine little lines around your mouth and eyes may ignite a twinge of panic in your soul and have you running for the first face cream with a promise. But the solution requires more than just slathering cream on your face.

First you should think of fine lines (and also acne scars) like peaks and valleys. The depression are like valleys and the top edge are like a peaks.

So now that you have visual, the idea is to peel or gently exfoliate the epidermis, the outer most layer of your skin, which will smooth out the peak the of the lines and scars.

Glycolic peels have proven to be one of the most effective peels for retexturizing skin. Glycolic is naturally derived from sugar cane and has a very small molecular size, enabling it to work on the skin’s surface and within the layers.  Plastic surgeons and dermatologist have employed peels, since the early 80’s, for this very purpose.

Of course, one glycolic peel will not do the trick. To really see results, you should commit to doing regular peels. A slow and steady routine of glycolic peels can have similar results to the deeper peels, but without the side effects. These peels are not invasive, do not cause redness or have no downtime.   

A simple at-home glycolic peel can propel a flurry of activity within the layers of your skin. The peel causes the epidermis to shed, new cells start to emerge and collagen production begins. Although this happens naturally, peels accelerate the process and enable a more even sloughing of the skin.

Starting with an at-home peel kit is idea because it is affordable, convenient and you will see a big difference.