Exposing the Real You

Being in quarantine and now also in the heat of summer, many of us are exposing our real selves on social media.  With so much free time, we are creating more content, posting more photos, and confronting ourselves on video chats. Maybe this more natural look used to seem too casual, but now it is our new norm. We are less and less inclined to cake on our makeup every morning and developing the confidence to go bare.

So Many Celebs Going Bare-Faced 

One of the biggest celebrity trends now is taking selfies and showing photos of themselves without makeup. in their homes, and wearing their most casual loungewear. During this time of quarantine stars like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, and more have posted no-makeup selfies to show their fans what self-love is all about. 

Following the Footsteps of Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is known for her no-makeup look. She said that makeup can cover up our self-esteem. One day she decided that she didn’t need to succumb to society’s standards of using makeup to cover up the beauty she has on the inside and the outside. With the decreased need for makeup now, we can all follow her lead and discover the beauty under the products.

Get That No Makeup Look 

We even admit that the no-makeup look is not always completely bare and we are not saying that makeup is not good. We believe in doing what is most comfortable.  But with good skincare, you can use just 2-3 cosmetics and achieve a flawless natural look.  A tinted moisturizer with an SPF is ideal for day and for evening looks add some lips and eyes.

Makeup Nights

It will always be fun for us to put together a glammed look for a night.  We can’t wait for the Saturday nights when we feel like putting on heels, deep eyeliner, and rich lip gloss. But in this new normal, the natural look is where our comfort is at. 

Clear Skin Is A Factor

Breakouts, large pores, uneven skin texture will make us reach for the heavy foundations and concealers.  But with some good self-care, we all can feel more confident with our bare skin. At-home skin treatments definitely make a difference and will enhance our natural look.   

Peel and Reveal the Beauty Underneath

Skin peels are an ideal way to improve our skin.  By doing the Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel every week you can find your glow, allowing you to feel more confident with less makeup. The peel wipes away a layer of skin, giving you a clean slate!

No One Has Perfect Skin 

Our skin is our largest organ and protects us from external elements including sun, wind, pollution, and extreme temperatures.  Our skin is not meant to be baby soft throughout our lives.  But if we do put in a bit of effort we can sure make it glow for a long time. 

The truth of the matter is, whatever you choose to do it should be for you and not please the expectations of others.