@EthicalBunny Couldn't Care More


Svetlana Mikhaylova, is the person and mind behind @EthicalBunny, an instagram that provides conscious consumers with cruelty-free resources and supports ethical businesses.

In a world where some people couldn’t care less, Svetlana is someone who couldn’t care more. With her Instagram she tries to empower consumers and fight for animal rights.

Svetlana's philosophy is that consumers vote with their dollars, and every time someone buys from a cruelty-free brand they are casting a vote for ending unnecessary animal abuse.

"Going cruelty free might seem like a challenging task, but it really isn’t as difficult as it seems," explains Svetlana.

@EthicalBunny is a great starting point for those of you who are just making the transition to going cruelty free and need a few tips or advice on how to make the switch. 

If you are overwhelmed and starting your cruelty free journey check out @EthicalBunny

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