Redesigning the Ellen Lange Skin Peel Kit


The new Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel box is a completely new look.  It makes a great gift.  Wrapped in beautiful matte paper, the box is very minimal looking package.  It contains the components of the original peel kit; Peel Prep, Peel Accelerator Pads and Glycolic Peel Solution.  
We felt it was extremely important to update our packaging. It was important that we upgraded the pump for the Ellen Lange Glycolic Peel Solution. Some customers did find our previous Glycolic Peel Solution pump a bit difficult.  We work with manufacturers and chemists to select a pump that would be much easier for our customers to use.  
Once we changed the pump, then we had to change the box.  Packaging is so important in the skin care business and this was a great opportunity to really give a more modern presentation to the the 3-step skin peel.  The packaging engineers were so interesting work with.  We evaluated papers and materials to construct a box that would contribute to the excitement of the peel.
The entire process took over a year and the response has been great! We hope you continue to enjoy the peel!
I write this blog so others too can appreciate the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur in the beauty business.  I am self-diagnosed as "classic" entrepreneur, doing business with passion and love.